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NVIDIA’s Next Generation

NVIDIA has finally announced the first details on its next-generation line up of graphics cards. The RTX 2080 Ti, 2080 are set to be released at the end of September while the RTX 2070 has yet to have a release date set.

The new cards have been in the making for some time and generally hyped due to the introduction of “ray-tracing”. Ray-tracing allows game makers to create better lighting and more photorealistic environments. As with any new release of technology, it is always best to wait a few months. This way it is possible to find out how many people make use of this technology. Though it may benefit to wait until the 2nd iteration.

Currently, there are no real-time comparisons against the current generation of cards due to a current embargo. NVIDIA has claimed that the 2080 will be up to 50% faster than a 1080 in regular games.

The cards themselves are costly, though not out of the ordinary for high-end gaming cards, with the 2080 Ti coming out at around the £1100 mark and the 2080 around £750, prices will vary depending on the specifications and the product partner model.

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