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Intel’s 14nm CPU Shortage

For the last few months, there has been a shortage on Intel’s 14nm chips. What does this mean? Well, the short of it is that sourcing any Intel-based CPU or motherboard will be far more difficult than before. With the delay of the 10nm chip size, it has been expected that these delays will carry on until mid-2019.

When this started Intel made the decision to prioritise the data centre market and OEM market compared to the commercial market. However, recently OEM manufacturers have voiced their concern over the shortage. OEMs have said that it has caused shipment delays on new systems because of shortages. Due to this, you may see AMD based laptops during the coming Christmas period at a much more competitive price.

With this shortage affecting the CPU market, it will increase the price of all Intel CPUs using the 14nm process. Although Intel’s CPUs aren’t the only affected component, the motherboard market has also seen an increase. Motherboards using Intel’s H310 chipset price increased after they were moved onto the 14nm process earlier this year.

Because of the price increase in the last two months, AMD has been selling on average a staggering 3000 processors a week compared to Intel’s 1000. More importantly, AMD processors have been biting at the heels of Intel’s latest iteration of CPUs and the average user won’t notice the difference in performance.

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