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Meet our Team

Managing Director
Guy Wessex Computers

Guy Wigley

Guy, Managing Director at Wessex Computers, started the company in 1999 with the aim of bringing honest and reliable IT support to the local area. Incorporated in 2007, Wessex Computers continues to evolve whilst keeping at its heart Guy’s doctrine that there is nothing more important than our Client’s satisfaction.

Senior IT Technician
Brett Wessex Computers

Brett Newton

Brett Joined Wessex Computers in November 2009. His hard work and dedication to our clients is only surpassed by his remarkable knowledge and enjoyment of IT. Not a lover of mornings, you will often find Brett still at his desk late into the evening in order to avoid coming in at 9 the next day!

IT Technician / Software Developer
Mark Wessex Computers

Mark Chapman

Mark joined Wessex Computers in April 2012. Mark is the most versatile member of our team with an extraordinary ability to master anything he puts his mind to. Linux, Windows, Simplicity®, Android and Mac operating systems as well as his knowledge in Web Development, PHP, SEO & even PAT testing to name but a few of his skills.

Junior IT Technician
Ryan Wessex Computers

Ryan Freeman

Ryan joined us in February 2017 as an apprentice to further his interest in the hardware side of IT. His cheerful demeanour made him an instant hit with our clients and he quickly and easily transformed into our front of house man. He will probably be the first face you will see when entering our offices, chat to him about food or film but avoid sport with this one!

Financial Director
Robert Wessex Computers

Robert Wigley

Robert, a Chartered Accountant, retired from practice and joined Wessex Computers in July 2010. He found he enjoyed life at Wessex so much that, in January 2012, he took on the role of Financial Director. Once a fierce and feared opening bowler, Robert still holds a keen interest in cricket.

Webdesigner / Developer
Aaron Wessex Computers

Aaron Healey

Aaron joined us in November 2017 and, since arriving, he has quickly become a big part of the Wessex Computers team. With 9 years of working in the web development industry behind him, Aaron has a wide range of knowledge of both web design and SEO as well as being an accomplished Mac technician. In his spare time Aaron loves to play pool and watch football.

Daniella Wessex Computers

Daniella Wigley

Daniella works part time on the administration side of the business. When she is not organising insurance or reading through contracts she spends her time keeping her three little boys on the straight and narrow.

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